Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Arrrgh! But I'm Back Baby!

Lost my 1st blog on another site so here I am. You know what they say "use it or lose it" - so I guess I'll have to move forward and be more diligent in my posting from now on.

So here I am - admitted travel addict who loves to hit the road, with a luxurious twist. And, in a world where everyone who thinks they're an expert on anything has a blog, why shouldn't I join the party?

Where to begin? I guess with my very 1st trips. I can still remember my first airplane trips (back when you got a hot meal in coach and REAL flatware). And I know some of you have seen piece or two of TWA silverware outside of a plane.

I remember getting my first pair of “wings” on Eastern and Delta.

I remember taking the auto train to Orlando for one of our 1st Disney trips. I remember thinking hotels were the best treat ever (even if we did live in fear of setting off the alarms with our hot plate.) Yes, we bought and prepared food. This was before the days where everyone was as accustomed to eating out as they are now.

Awww, the romance… and the agony – of chewing gum and stuffing your ears with cotton to relieve only some of the excruciating pain from that sharp descent into Jamaica once we passed Cuban airspace.

And most of all, the agony of it all being over WAY to quickly.

Years and years have gone by and I still get excited at the prospect of taking almost any trip and escaping my little pocket of reality for just a moment.

Yeah, travel and I are in it for the long haul. And I’ve decided to share some of my special moments, insights, tips, and observations with you. I hope you’ll enjoy reading as much I’ll enjoy writing and reliving each moment.

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