Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh The Paces You'll Go... 2009 Recap & 2010 Trip Planning

Slightly shamed that this was originally titled "2009 Trip Planning".  But using the idea anyway to seed ideas for a 2010 post!

When I started considering 2009 travel here's what I was looking at:   

  • Cabo San Lucas - extending a business trip by a few days - brilliant!
  • Barcelona - turning three days off from work into a 5 day trip.
  • Disney - Polynesian Concierge. I could hardly wait!
  • New Orleans (of course) - back to the big easy once more.
  • And on my Fall wish list: London/Paris
2009 Reflections
I actually got to everywhere I’d pre-planned in 2009 except NOLA. Not bad.  Cabo and Barcelona were heavenly.  The Disney trip ended up also including a few nights on the Animal Kingdom Lodge Concierge (reviews are coming).  I took 4 Fall trips to Walt Disney World (blog posts about fan events and festivals are coming)!  I spent a long weekend enjoying a town just north of Sacramento and plugging into some seriously healthy living. 

Most importantly I got amazing discounts and actually afforded all this jet setting by keeping plugged into destination fan sites and hotel/airline special offers.  And I planned a Labor Day weekend trip & my New Year’s trip (the week of) using only points and free night vouchers (I love Starwood & Southwest)!

I consider 2009 a winner – except for the part where I was so busy travelling I forgot to write about it!

For 2010 I’m already moving fast and furious.  Mardi Gras, a fan event & a 5K are already under my belt. Destination weddings, girls’ weekends, and many, many Disney trips are planned. Oh and the Mommy and I are going to Jamaica to see family.

But I’m really, really missing Europe.  I have no idea how I’m going to work it in since I’m certain I have no vacation time but I’m going to try. Oh and I really want to see Captain EO at Disneyland.

Wondering if all these plans are impossible or Kim-Possible. What do you think? Is there such a thing as too much travel?

My “TripTip
A few of my trips last year utilized my new favorite luxury travel saver - cost sharing. Airfare for my Cabo trip and one of my Disney trips were covered by my company – I simply extended the trips for a few personal days on my own dime.  If someone else can help pay for your travel (and it's reasonable/legal/responsible) let them!