Friday, April 11, 2008

The things we bring

Ok, had to blog about this new gadget because it had me thinking about technology and trips.

I'm one who almost always packs my:
digital camera
fm transmitter for ipod
hard drive (for my 70G of music & video)
cell phone(s) - (have to add the international phone when needed)
various cables and power cords
flat iron (ok, not technology per say, but it plugs in and is vital)

So clearly this FAB new gadget by Belkin caught my eye when I read about it in the New York Times last month. Surge protector, usb charger and SMALL to boot?

No more hunting for the other outlet in my hotel room as I struggle to check my e-mail while charging my phone and ipod? No WAY! No more using the outlet in the bathroom to charge my phone because I've got to plug in the iron? Stop teasing me!

I'll tell ya how it goes.