Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2008 Planning Update

I figured this would be a good point in the year to take stock of my travels for 2008. I had big plans on the table on January 9th. How am I doing?

So London has become Paris with day trips to London and Brussels (ummm, chocolate). New Orleans was so much fun that we did South Beach two weeks later to keep the vibe going. (And the Ritz, South Beach, and I have totally made up and are BFF now. Seriously, I didn't leave the hotel until it was time to go home.)

Disney's still on the agenda for December, but I didn't get to Chicago before my two free nights expired. That said, I have a new "in" for Chicago that should make up for it.

No Oregon, or Montreal, but I just got back from Pasadena (never been there) and enjoyed a beautiful weekend trip to celebrate my cousin's nuptuals. The Westin there is GREAT, but that's another post.

The biggest update is that I (by virtue of my NEW JOB) have become a true road warrior and have been living in hotels for business more than pleasure for the last two months.

This has made Denver my 2nd home (luv it), allowed me to sample amazing Italian in Boston and enjoy some time on the water there. And I finally get to go to Charleston, SC.

Lastly, trying to plan a BD trip to Montego Bay for a long weekend and then to balance a possible Christmas/Mom's BD and Retirement trip to Orlando with a friend's wedding in Phoenix a few days later. We'll see how poor I am after Europe hmmm?